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Broken Pipe Water Damage San Antonio TX?

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Common Causes of Water Damage and Common Problems

water damage san antonio txLeaky roofs can cause their fair share of damage, but their effects are normally gradual and over time. Leaky roofs should be fixed as soon as they are discovered to avoid gradual damage. And obviously, natural disasters and flash flooding can cause wide-spread damage quickly.

However, here in San Antonio, Texas our most common mishap is broken pipes! Basements and crawl spaces flood often when mainlines burst below the house or further up in the walls. Repair any plumbing problems immediately! Also, if you have a malfunctioning washing machine, dishwasher, water heater or refrigerator that is flooding or a sink and toilet overflow, you must handle those quickly to make sure the problem doesn’t spread.

The longer water sits in your house, the more it gets absorbed in your walls, cabinets, personal belongings, and begins to cause permanent damage. We can reduce the permanent effect greatly simply by drying the home as quickly as possible. When done correctly emergency water extraction can avoid many of the common problems associated with water damage such as moldy walls and carpet, ruined cabinetry, warped/ruined hardwood flooring, and even structural damage to the house. A phone call to us right away can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run and might even save your house!

water damage restoration san antonio tx

“This is what saving thousands of dollars by not having to replace your wooden floor due to water damage looks like!”

We are well trained in a special process that allows us to draw out moisture and water from your floor and walls in order to minimize damage caused by flooding. When the upstairs bathroom floods everything below, or a pipe inside the wall decides to go, you don’t have to lose your beautiful hardwood floors! Call us immediately at (210) 656-2112! The sooner we can get onsite the better the outcome. Don’t wait or try to dry it yourself. Our years of experience and extensive training in water damage restoration and emergency water extraction get you results. We will have your home dry as fast as scientifically possible.

Call us 24/7 at (210) 656-2112